Simon Pegg Says His ‘Mission: Impossible’ Character Is Great at ‘Fortnite’

And that he beats Tom Cruise at the game, too.

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Since Mission: Impossible 3, Simon Pegg has played Benji, a tech guru who assists superspy Ethan Hunt on his various adventures. Like Q in the Bond films, Benji is there for the gadgets and the hacking, only because he’s played by Simon Pegg, he’s also there for the jokes. And now, the popular Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz actor says he knows what the Impossible Mission Force team does on their downtime: play Fortnite.

“He [Benji] plays Fortnite online with Ethan,” Pegg told Cinema Blend over the weekend, in an interview promoting the upcoming new film, Mission: Impossible — Fallout. “And he’s better —in Fortnite — he’s better at fighting than Ethan[Tom Cruise]. Ethan’s had like two kills, max. Benji had a game with, like, 12 kills.”

A longtime gamer, it makes sense that Pegg would rep for Fornite, the popular online multiplayer battle-royal game that has, for better or worse, taken the world by storm since 2017. In his classic 1999 sitcom Spaced, Pegg’s character Tim was obsessed with video games like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, and along with Nick Frost and Jessica Hynes, several episodes of the show depicted them playing popular, and extremely violent video games together. In one hilarious episode, Tim (Pegg) and Daisy (Hynes) confront a bunch of guys much younger than them and engage in a fake gunplay.

So, basically, Simon Pegg is still this guy, even in Mission: Impossible. He’s great at taking down the bad guys, as long as it’s all fake.

Pegg is back as Benji in Mission: Impossible — Fallout is already getting great reviews., which The new movie is out on July 27, in movie theaters everywhere.

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