What if the sequel to the Pixar classic is about a rat that is really good in bed?


Sexy 'Ratatouille' Sketch Dominated John Krasinski's 'SNL' Episode

by Ryan Britt
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John Krasinski has weirdly never hosted Saturday Night Live before. The dude famous for being Jim on The Office, the dad from A Quiet Place, and action-hero Jack Ryan, tried to tell his kids that hosting SNL was a big deal, but as he revealed in his opening monologue, they weren’t impressed and instead said, “Call us when you’re on Paw Patrol.”

The first new SNL episode for 2021 was fun, and as always, for exhausted parents who watch it on Sundays at like 8 pm, or, are searching for the best clips on Monday morning, it’s small comfort that this American institution continues going forward, even if the rest of the world seems terrible. Notably, this was the first episode of SNL to air post-Trump, which meant that, somewhat refreshingly, some of the funniest sketches weren’t about politics. Instead, arguably the funniest sketch was tucked into the very end of the episode.

For those who have wondered if amazing cooking skills can translate into amazing skills in the bedroom, the answer is…very creepy! Remember how Ratatouille was a rat who basically used a human chef as a kind of culinary Cyrano? Well, SNL and John Krasinski posit, what if the same thing was true, only the rat controlled a human while he was having sex!? And, what if that turned out to be great?

SNL mocking Pixar is just edgy enough and weird enough to make you really believe that not everything is a corporate scheme designed to get you to buy-in on a bunch of brands. The entire sketch might not be brilliant, but it does have Pete Davidson playing a Pixar-esque “sex critic,” which, frankly, might be a person all of us should consult from time to time.

This isn’t to say SNL should continue to do depraved versions of cutesy kids’ stuff (raunchy Baby Yoda still isn’t funny) but it’s a relief to know that somewhere, somebody said, “Yes, Ratatouille, but make it about sex,” and everybody else just nodded.

Dan Levy will host the next episode of SNL on February 6, 2021, with musical guest Phoebe Bridgers.

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