We can get behind this.


'Rugrats' Reboot Is Coming And We're Ready to Party!

by Ian Spelling

Hang on to your diapers, babies, the Rugrats are back! Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Susie, and Phil and Lil are returning for a mischief-filled reboot of the classic animated children’s series that will premiere this spring on Paramount+. Many of us grew up watching the original show or watched it with our kids, so this should be déjà vu all over again for millions of fans. Paramount+ also released a teaser trailer that gave us retro feels. (Watch above)

Most of the original voice cast is on board, including E.G. Daily (Tommy), Nancy Cartwright (Chuckie), Cheryl Chase (Angelica), Cree Summer (Susie) and Kath Soucie (Phil and Lil), but based on the trailer, the revamped show will feature CG animation, as opposed to charmingly crude 2D animation viewers, saw in the Nickelodeon version that debuted in 1991. Times change, right? So, we’re cool with the new look for our old friends.“Rugrats is one of the most iconic cartoons recognized by fans around the globe, and this original version is one we are taking great care and pride in creating for a brand-new audience,” said Ramsey Naito, President, Nickelodeon Animation, in a statement. “Having the voice cast behind these special characters come together is one of the essential pieces to making the show recognizable and we can’t wait to watch this talented group bring them to life again.”Paramount+ didn’t reveal an exact date for the show’s launch, so keep an eye on Fatherly for additional details. Meanwhile, they’ve been busy over at Paramount+, unveiling content aimed at the whole family. In addition to Rugrats, more Star Trek is on the way, including the family-friendly, animated Prodigy, as is a Frasier reboot with Kelsey Grammer, and the streamer announced that several big Paramount movies – including Mission: Impossible 7 and A Quiet Place 2 – will land on Paramount+ 45 days after their theatrical runs.

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