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Pattinson’s Batman Voice Is on Point and People Are Loving It

It's also the one that we deserve...

Warner Bros. Pictures

One of the most iconic parts of the Batman mythos is the caped crusader‘s voice and each actor who takes on the role has to live up to enormous expectations to make the Dark Knight’s voice their own. And with the latest trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, we finally got a brief taste of what Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice will sound like.

“It’s not just a signal,” Pattinson says menacingly in reference to the Bat-Signal. “It’s a warning.”

The teaser is only six seconds long and really only exists to let fans know that the real trailer will be dropping on Saturday, October 16. You don’t even get to see any characters, as it’s just Pattinson speaking over a shot of the Bat-Signal. However, that one line was enough to send fans into a frenzy about the newest Batman voice.


The overall reaction seems to be positive, with several fans saying that Pattinson’s voice is “perfect.”

There were a few skeptics but for the most part, they fell victim to the ratio. And, of course, a few jokesters couldn’t resist making a couple of Twilight digs at Pattinson.

The reaction to Pattinson’s “Batman voice” may seem a bit over-the-top to some but for longtime fans of the superhero, the voice Bruce Wayne uses when he is ridding Gotham’s streets of crime is a sacred thing. From the theatrical and slightly comical deliver of Adam West all the way to Christian Bale’s almost indiscernible gravelly tone, the voice is every bit as essential as the costume and gadgets in letting the audience know who this Batman is.

In the case of Pattinson, his delivery definitely has hints of Bale’s gritty take on the voice but is thankfully much less exaggerated. In fact, it almost has a Clint Eastwood-like element to it, as you can imagine Batman asking the Riddler if he’s feeling lucky.

The full trailer will drop tomorrow and The Batman is coming to theaters on March 24, 2022.