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Watch ‘Raya’ Star Kelly Marie Tran Play Some Super-Hard Dragon Trivia

Can you name that dragon?

Raya and the Last Dragon has been released into the wild. That’s right, Disney’s latest animated epic is officially out there in the world, and I for one, am rejoicing. May 18th marks the release of the flick on home video outside of Disney+. While some Disney diehards ponied up and slapped down their pennies for premiere access to the movie on Disney+ back in the merry month of March, the rest of the world will now finally get the chance to become just as dragon-obsessed as the movie’s heroine, Raya, voiced by actress Kelly Marie Tran.

Actually, it turns out that Kelly herself is a pretty big fan when it comes to all things dragon – talk about life imitating art, no?  And that passion goes double when the dragons in question are part of the Disney animated universe. In fact, Kelly was so confident about her dragon knowledge that she was happy to sit down and play a game of name that dragon! In the clip, watch as Kelly tries to place each cartoon dragon into the right movie universe.

Now, I can hear what you’re thinking – psssht, animated dragons, how hard can that possibly be? What are there, two? Ladies and germs, having taken the test right alongside Kelly (though from the comfort of my own home) I am here to tell you that Disney has way more dragons among its character roster than you remembered. I made it one dragon in before I was pausing the video to quietly do a deep-drive on The Reluctant Dragon, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

One dragon that Kelly had no problem naming? Sisu! Her titular dragon co-star in Raya and the Dragon, voiced by actor Awkwafina. While Sisu might be a new addition to the Disney family, she’s a deeply loveable one – and you don’t have to be a dragon expert to figure that out either, all you have to do is check out Raya and the Dragon. I guarantee you that after just one viewing, you’ll have a new favorite Disney dragon – sorry, Pete.

Raya the Last Dragon is on Blu-ray and home video today.