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All the Best Toys From Disney’s ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’

It's merch worthy of a warrior princess.

When Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon streams this month, it’s going to make history by featuring the storied studio’s first Southeast Asian princess lead character. That’s certainly something we can get behind, but the movie goes far beyond feel-good marketing tropes. It tells the truly uplifting and non-hokey story of a resilient, bold, and driven young princess who stops at nothing to save her people. As per the usual, the movie’s release is accompanied by an onslaught of Disney toys, and in this case, a lot of the merch actually doesn’t suck. The toys are engaging representations of Raya’s phantasmagoric world and the movie’s more grounded message: That only by working together and learning to trust others can we succeed in changing the world.

Let's start with this 216-piece Lego set, which is aimed at elementary school-age kids. It features a palace gate, a waterfall, and figures of Raya and Sisu, her sidekick dragon. Oh, and the waterfall opens up.

Raya is a skilled, fearless warrior, and this sword lets kids reenact her battle scenes. The sword has motion-activated lights and sounds.

Ongis, in case you weren't aware, are half-monkey, half-catfish creatures who are expert at cons. When kids connect their hands, they hear the critters make sounds and conversation.

The whole ragtag ensemble that joins Raya's 'fellowship of butt-kickerry' in her quest to find the last dragon. The set includes Raya, Sisu, Boun, and three Ongis figures.

Not a tiara or sequin in sight: This Raya doll does, however, have brushable hair, and comes with hair clips and a brush. For kids who love their fierceness with some style.

This 610-piece set is a pretty fantastic representation of Raya's six-room, two-tower palace. There's a revolving wall with a secret room, a large treasure chest, and towers that actually open. In other words, it's worthy of Raya herself.

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