This Chart Shows State’s Most Favorite ‘90s Rom-com

The '90s was the decade of the romcom, and each state has a different favorite, this chart shows.

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Julia Roberts has a drink with Richard Gere in a scene from the film 'Pretty Woman', 1990. (Photo by Buena Vista/Getty Images)

Romantic comedies, lovingly called rom-coms, all follow a pretty similar storyline. Two people meet; one hates the other or they both hate each other, they start to like each other, then, boom! Something happens, usually by confusion or by one character deceiving the other in some way. Will they, won’t they? And then, by the third act, all is well, and the couple kisses. Their formulaic nature is what makes them comforting to watch.

We know, 99 percent of the time, we’re going to see that happy ending even when all seems lost while watching. And ’90s romcoms have a particular feel to them, it was the decade where the genre exploded in popularity and so many of them are still fun to watch now. With so many movies in this genre, have you ever wondered which rom-coms are the best? We’ve got the answers, and these are the most popular 90s romcoms in each state.

USDish, an authorized DISH retailer, wanted to find out which ‘90s romcoms were the most popular in each state. To do this, they compiled a list of the top rom-com movies that were released between 1990-1999. “We then plugged these movies into Google Trends to examine search volume by state over the past year,” they explain.

The most popular movies, both being the most Googled in 12 states, were Clueless, favored in Alabama, Louisiana, New Jersey, and more, and My Best Friend’s Wedding, favored in Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, and more.

Coming in second place is Father of the Bride, which was the favorite in 10 states, including Oklahoma, Montana, Idaho, and more.

USDish, an authorized DISH retailer

Pretty Woman was only named the favorite in two states despite being the highest-grossing rom-com from the ‘90s, bringing a total of $178,406,268 since it was released in March 1990.

Other movies that made the list included You’ve Got Mail, a favorite in four states; The Wedding Singer, a favorite in 7 states, While You Were Sleeping, a favorite in 2 states, and 10 Things I Hate About You, a favorite in Washington only, and Notting Hill, a favorite in Washington, D.C.

There is something special about a romcom, and the ‘90s ones have a little extra magic. If you’re needing a pick-me-up, throw on one of these movies and enjoy the boost of endorphins.

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