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The Best Poop Songs for Potty Training

It's Potty Time!!

Potty training is the worst. Cleaning poop off of surfaces, repeating basic instructions over and over again to what seems like no avail. Frustration and tears are all inevitable parts of the potty training process. But even though grossness is on the agenda, it it doesn’t need to be joyless. Potty songs — or poop songs, if you will — can help kids start going to the toilet in the actual toilet. But finding the right poop song for kids isn’t easy.

Approaching potty training with a poop song or two will at least make the painful process slightly less painful. While a potty song by Elmo, Daniel Tiger, or Little Baby Bum, and a corresponding dance won’t magically potty train kids overnight, they will start smiling about it, which is a good step. In that vein, here are some fabulous songs about going number two, that we think are number one.

Potty Training 101 Poop Song

Growing Sound’s Potty Training 101 Poop Song is really a one-stop shop of poop-related potty training songs. It goes over every step in the potty process without leaving much to the imagination – one of the lyrics goes ‘I sit and wait until the poop plops down, then I wipe and wipe ’til brown leaves town’ – so kids following around get a pretty good idea of what they’re being asked to do. The song is also pretty short, so it doesn’t have the time to get too grating.

Ginneh’s Potty Song

In 2016, Maryland mom Stacia Wright came up with a plan to help her then 2-year-old daughter Ginneh get potty trained. Having already gone through the potty-training process with Ginneh’s older brother, Wright knew what she was in for — accidents, lots of accidents — and wanted to make training fun for herself this time. So she whipped out her composing chops and wrote her own simple song for Ginneh to listen to while on the toilet, along with ab adorable video to go along with it.

Elmo Potty Time

Children trust Elmo. Therefore, they will trust any potty song he releases. Sesame Street can be considered the tried-and-true way to for your kid to learn how to do just about anything. In this video, in which Elmo and his dad walk through the steps of properly using the toilet, is a comfort that can’t be overstated. The song they sing together is jazzier than you’d expect and a lot less annoying than other kids songs.

Two Little Hands: Potty Time

This video is so ridiculously feel good and upbeat you might sing the song to yourself just for fun. It’s potty time! YouTube channel, Funtastic TV, put together a video seemingly forged by the gods of all things saccharine and cute with a catchy song everyone in the family can sing along with. As an added bonus the video also teaches you how to say ‘potty time’ in sign language and tells kids how to notice when they need to go potty.

Daniel Tiger: Stop and Go Potty

One reason kids might have trouble with potty training is because they don’t want to stop playing, and a bathroom break seems like it would be an annoying stop to their fun. Daniel the Tiger assures them that, actually no, it’s fine to go do their business and that when they come back their toys will all still be there for them to play with.

I Can Pee and Poop on the Potty

This is a folksy, whimsical song with a kid superhero who is really good at – going to the potty. He can pee, he can poop, and he can wash his hands! There’s not really a whole lot more going on in this video, if you’re looking for something quick and easy to explain the basic potty training steps, this one is it.

You’ll Use the Potty

Leave it to the Sesame Street crew to lay down the truth: we are all slaves to our bodily functions. The subject isn’t laid out quite as starkly but the point remains; at some point, we all used a potty. And if you’re a Cole Porter fan, you’ll appreciate that this song has the same melody and similar lyrics.

Bear in the Big Blue House

Bear in the Big Blue House handles potty training with the same gentle tone as the rest of the show. This song should be approached more as a primer to get kids used to the idea of getting potty trained than an actual instructional song. It’s nearly three minutes long but doesn’t really spend much time in a bathroom.

Toilet Time is Fun

Alright, the animation in this video is scary – for some reason, the kid has large eyes that express agony, while his parents’ eyes are black, expressionless dots – but its heart is in the right place, and the kid poops in the right place too, which is what it’s all about really.

Little Baby Bum: Potty Song

Potty training your kid is going to require a lot of patience and repetition, not only on your part but their’s too. Accidents are going to happen and when they do, kids might feel ashamed or frustrated. This song, from the YouTube channel, Little Baby Bum, which specializes in nursery rhymes, teaches them not to poo-poo resilience and to keep trying until they get it right.