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These Potty-Training Seats and Toilets Free You From the Tyranny of Diapers

You can do it. Yes you can.

So you’re ready to pull the plug on diapers and start potty-training. And that means you need the best potty-training seat and potty-training toilet to get the job done. But given that the market is, well, saturated, the search for a potty chair can be as taxing as getting your kid to actually use the damn thing.

But first, some basics. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that in general, most kids are physically ready to start toilet-training at around 18 months. But that doesn’t mean they’re cognitively ready to do it. They need the motor skills to actually get to the bathroom, and the emotional desire to be independent. Once your kid is interested in using an actual toilet, then make your move.

Potty-Training Tips

Install a potty in your home and take your kid with you when you buy it. Where you place the potty is up to you and your child. After your kiddo starts using it on a regular basis, move it to the bathroom and then replace it with a toddler toilet seat on an adult toilet.

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Got that? Here’s the potty-training gear you need to get things moving.

Potty-Training Toilets

Sure, you can sing a song to celebrate every time your kid goes potty. Or, you can let this potty chair do it for you: Every time your kid goes potty, he or she hears a song, a fun phrase, and a flushing sound. This toilet-training kit also includes a storybook, a removable potty ring and bucket, and a splash guard.

Boys have issues with aim. And that's why you need a potty chair with a splash guard. Like this one. You get three products in one here. The potty chair transitions into a toilet trainer seat and a step stool. But best of all, it has a removable, high splash guard for boys who tend to get urine everywhere but in the potty.

Sized for kids 18 months and older, this potty seat has the look and feel of a real, adult toilet. Summer Infant's potty seat looks like a toilet. It sounds like a toilet. And it helps prep kids for eventually using an actual toilet. It even has a toilet handle with a flushing sound and a removable bowl for cleanup.

Potty-training can be stressful. It doesn't need to be. Get your kid their very own toilet buddy that goes potty with them. Your kid sits on the potty. And the potty buddy sits right next to them on a pretend potty. It's learning through play.

For those brave enough to give their tot a urinal, this one has a thing that spins when your kid hits the target. Just buy plenty of disinfecting wipes because boys and aim go together like peanut-butter and mustard.

This training potty looks and sounds like an adult toilet and it's modular, so it grows with your kid. You can remove the seat to fit on top of an adult toilet seat. It has side grippers so toddlers can safely hold on to side of seat.

Potty-Training Toilet Seats

It's not just the size of a standard toilet seat that can be intimidating for toddlers — the climb up to the toilet seat itself can be daunting, or impossible, without a parental assist. This sturdy stepladder makes the transition to toilet-seat training more fun for toddlers, and can augment their independence as they experiment with learning to take care of their own potty needs.

Once your kid masters the potty seat, he or she is ready to tackle an actual toilet seat, sized just for them. Easy to remove once your kid masters using the toilet for real, this potty-training toilet seat comes with a nightlight for midnight pee outings.

Ultra-simple and portable, this potty-training toilet seat with easy-grip handles stays firmly in place and is super-easy to clean. An affordable choice that gives little toilet trainees confidence on the throne.

This cheerful but minimalist training seat helps little ones get a handle on potty independence — comes with a handy toilet tank hook, for easy storage and accessibility.

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