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The Best Potty Training Seat & Products, As Recommended By Real Dads

If you have a boy, get a box of Cheerios. Seriously.

Unlike teaching a toddler to count, read, or brush their teeth, potty training is an inherently messy proposition. Learning how to not crap yourself after a couple years of doing nothing but isn’t an easy lesson to learn, and there are going to be accidents along the way. It takes patience, practice, and a lot of dad-toddler communication to get potty training right. The right potty training seats and gear can also go a long way toward reaching the diaper-free lifestyle you both deserve.

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So which potty training products are essential and which can you do without? We talked to parents around the country, veterans of cleaning up accidents, scrubbing underwear, singing songs, and doling out stickers for splash-free pees to learn what got them through the ordeal. From portable potties and kid-friendly toilet seats to sing-along books and urinating dolls, these are the potty training seats and products they recommend.

Minnie Mouse 3-In-1 Celebration Potty System

Minnie Mouse 3-In-1 Celebration Potty System -- potty training seats & products

“We kept Minnie Mouse potty right outside our daughter’s door for nighttime potty trips. Made the whole process go great, and we had no accidents trying to rush downstairs in the middle of the night. She still uses it.”
—Bill, father of two, New Jersey

Buy Now $25

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Mayfair NextStep Built-In Potty Seat

“We never had a stand-alone potty for our kids. They always went on an actual toilet and this [potty training] seat made that possible. The kid’s seat is unobtrusive and stays attached to the lid via magnet, so there is no loss of toilet functionality. It snaps off and on for easy cleaning if necessary and the whole thing has a soft close system so the kids aren’t banging the lid down every time they had to pinch a loaf.”
—Patrick, father of two, Chagrin Falls, OH

Buy Now $49

Vesil Kids Birthday Party Hats

Vesil Kids Birthday Party Hats -- potty training seats and products

“Two words: Potty party. For both of our older daughters, we waited until they were good and ready to potty and then had an epic party centered around hygienic urination/fecal removal. It’s better in summer so you can be outside in case there are some accidents, but we made sure the whole crew was into it. There were fun party hats, prizes (for everybody), sing-alongs, and dancing every time there was even the smallest positive event. Oh, so much dancing! We just tried to have fun. You can’t be too positive in your encouragement through the whole process.”
⏤Dan, father of three, Boston, MA

Buy Now $6

Potette Plus 2-in-1

Potette Plus 2-in-1 -- potty training seats and products
“Small butts can’t fit on adult toilet seats, which makes it tricky to potty train on the road. When our kids were first learning, we brought this portable [potty training] seat with us on vacation. Not only did help keep them from falling into some disgusting gas station bathrooms, but it also has legs so it can be used as a potty chair. Our kids are three and four, and we still bring it with us.”
—Chris, father of two, San Francisco, CA

Buy Now $17


Cheerios -- potty training seats and products

“A box of cheerios if you have a boy. Have him aim at the Os when he is peeing.”
—Mike Spence, father of one, Buffalo, NY

Buy Now $5

Elmo Potty Time Songs Board Book

Elmo Potty Time Songs Board Book -- potty training seats and products

“Potty training was never easy, but the Elmo Potty Time Songs book helped make it a lot more fun for my son. He’d sing along like a champ.”
—Derek Martyn, father of one, Burlington, MA

Buy Now $10

Potty By Leslie Patrelli

Potty By Leslie Patrelli -- potty training seats and products

“This book was essential in my son’s potty training experience. It’s funny and breezy and explains the importance of going in a potty, not a diaper. Reading it let him easily understand what potty training was all about, and why it’s such a success to use the potty for the first time.”
—Brian, father of two, New City, NY

Buy Now $7

Summer Infant Step-by-Step Potty

“This bad boy works as a stand-alone potty, but its soft, cushy [potty training] seat can be taken off and placed on a real toilet for portable training. My kid loves the feel of the seat, there’s a little hatch where you can store baby wipes, and it also works as a step stool when the lid is down for some post potty cleanup — or when it’s time to pee into the big-boy bowl. Best of all? It only costs 20 bucks.”
—Stephen, father of two, Milwaukee, WI

Buy Now $25

Potty Patty Training Doll

Potty Patty Training Doll -- potty training seats and products

“Honestly, I thought this thing was creepy as hell when my wife brought it home. It’s a standard doll that comes with a bottle you fill. When she drinks a lot, she pees. But my daughter loved it, and when it was time to pee she brought her dolly to the potty as a pee partner in crime. She trained her doll to pee in the toilet as I was training her.” — Kevin, father of two, Louisville

Buy Now $50

Summer Infant Lil Loo Potty

“This is a good potty for larger babies, or ones that don’t want to feel the way mommy does on those chairs at Paris cafes.”
—Amy, mother of one, Brooklyn

Buy Now $38

Toilet Targets

Toilet Targets -- potty training seats and products

“These simple stickers not only helped my son get more excited about going, but they also made it easier for him to actually pee into the bowl. They’re really simple: paper thin cut-outs of dinosaurs and such that stick to the inside of the toilet. A few rounds of soak-the-stegosaurus and he was pretty psyched to pee in the bowl more often.”
—Larry, father of one, Boston, MA

Buy Now $9

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty -- potty training seats and products

“My son is at the stage where he will sit on the potty for, like, 20 minutes. (We won’t stop him! He wants to be there.) We need some sort of audio cue that he’s peed so we can cheer for him. This Fisher-Price potty does that. Plus, it teaches him to flush, which is kind of nice.
—Steve, father of one, Westchester, NY

Buy Now $30

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Potty Time

One things parents mentioned consistently is how useful the “Daniel Tiger Potty Song” is. This toy, featuring a Daniel doll and a toilet, plays the song with the touch of a button. It would be nice to have in the bathroom so you’re not scrambling to play it on your phone while your hands might be, ahem, less than sanitary.

Buy Now $19