9 DIY Crafts to Make Your Kid’s Pirate Costume Off-the-Hook

¡Hola, piratas! Fulfill your child’s pirate dreams with these creative additions to their high seas outfit.

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, a new bilingual adventure show for preschoolers on Nickelodeon that follows Santiago and his loyal crew of Good Pirates as they work together to defend the treasures of their home, Isla Encanto. Check out all the fun with Santiago and crew when it premieres on Friday, October 9th at 12:30/11:30c.anotherPiratasSantiago of the Seas.

Santiago’s Pirate Hat

blue construction paper, scissors, and two-sided tape

  • To start, cut an inch-wide, two-foot-long band from the construction paper. Wrap this around your child’s head, noting where the band begins to overlap. Place a two-sided piece of tape here, and seal the band in a circle. Cut off any extra paper.
  • Next, draw the silhouette of your pirate hat, making sure it’s symmetrical, on a sheet of construction paper. Place another sheet behind it and cut both out together. If they’d like, kids can draw pictures, their name, or anything else they want to adorn their hat.
  • Place a piece of double-sided tape in the middle-bottom of each cutout (on the opposite side of the drawing detail), then adhere the other side of the tape to the front or back of the band. Tape the matching ends of the cutouts together to complete the hat.

Santiago’s Spyglass

cardboard tubepaint it bluecardboard tube goldtape

Santiago’s Compass

piece of cardboardyellow markerblack markerblack construction paperthumbtackpliersthick tape scissorsstring

El Bravo Boat

jumbo cardboard boxyellow and blue paint, a long pole (like a broom or mop handle), a pot of dirt, zip ties, scissors, wire, and an old sheet.

  • Paint the outside of your box blue, leaving space to decorate the boat with yellow trim, just like El Bravo.
  • Cut the sheet into a right triangle with a 2’ base and 2’ height. Cut 4 slits along the edges of both the height and base sides. Take a 2’ piece of wire and weave it through the slits of the base to form a stiff edge.
  • Line the top of the 2’-high edge of the triangle up with the top of your pole. Slip a zip tie through the top slit and around the poll; pull it tight. Continue down the side of the sheet, securing it to the poll.
  • Place the pot of dirt inside the cardboard box.
  • Stick the end of your pole in the dirt to secure it in place. Tada! You’re ready to set sail on the high seas!

Santiago’s Sword

a pensturdy piece of cardboardscissorstinfoilbrown or black marker

Tomás’s Magical Guitar

shoebox, elastic bands, scissors, glue, black and white paint, ruler

Sir Butterscotch the Crow

Santiago of the SeasOrigami.me

  • Fold the paper in half and unfold it. Then fold both sides into the center and then unfold them.
  • Fold both sides into the center along the dotted lines.
  • Make a Rabbit Ear Fold on each side resulting in a Fish Base.
  • Fold the flaps out along the dotted lines.
  • Fold both sides in along the dotted lines.
  • Fold the model in half.
  • Fold the paper behind along the dotted line.
  • Make 3 folds along the 3 dotted lines.
  • Make a Pleat Fold and then one more fold at the tip of the beak.

DIY Treasure Map

red markerthin sheet of papercolorful marker

Capitán Calavera’s Treasure Chest

picnic coolerlunch boxblue spray paint gold spray paintstones, twigs, and other objects of naturemarbles, holiday tinsel,costume jewelrySantiago of the Seas