There are still heroes.


Pete Davidson's "Chad on Mars" Is the Only Musk-Watch New 'SNL' Sketch

by Ian Spelling

Chad was back on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and it was the highlight of a surprisingly solid show hosted by Elon Musk. This time around, Pete Davidson’s uber-slacker starred in “Chad on Mars,” with an expedition to Mars gone wrong. Musk, playing himself, oversees the operation from SpaceX mission control and calls upon a hero to save the day as a massive solar storm bears down upon the colonists on Mars.

Enter… Chad, who’s super-chill, monosyllabic, and just stupid enough to take on the suicide mission. The whole sketch is funny, making the night’s best use of Musk, delivering top-notch visual effects, and recruiting musical guest Miley Cyrus to play Chad’s girlfriend, who’s got some big news to share with him before he sacrifices himself for all mankind. Among the sterling nuggets of dialogue, delivered with deadpan perfection by Davidson: “OK,” “Bye,” “No, thank you,” “Balls are sweaty.”Long live Chad! Watch the full episode here.