The guy seriously refuses to age.


Unearthed '90s Nintendo Commercial Is Actually Paul Rudd's First Ever Role

by Blake Harper

Paul Rudd has been blessed with boyish good looks that seem to make him impervious to the effects of aging. And his inability to age like the rest of us was once again put on full display after the internet discovered the 52-year-old actor’s screen acting debut in a Super Nintendo commercial from 30 years.

The commercial, which aired in 1991, is extremely early ’90s in the absolute best way possible. Rudd approaches what looks to be an abandoned drive-in theater and slams F-Zero, a futuristic racing game, into the console and starts to play. Slowly, a legion of nerds begin to flock to him as the announcer says things like “when you decide to get serious, there’s only one place to come: the games of Super Nintendo.”

While Rudd is the star of the commercial, he doesn’t actually have any lines. But everyone will recognize that megawatt grin from a mile away and you can already see his undeniable onscreen magnetism without him needing to say a word.

Of course, three decades later, Rudd is one of the most beloved celebrities and all-around good guys in Hollywood, so fans were delighted to see his humble origins as a thespian. A few commenters made references to Rudd’s role as Ant-Man, saying that “this is what Scott was doing in the Quantum Realm.” And others obviously referenced the fact that Rudd simply does not seem to get older.

“He doesn’t age, HE JUST GETS BETTER LOOKING, SOMEHOW,” one commenter wrote.

How does Rudd barely look any older than he did in a commercial from 30 years ago? The obvious answer is he sold his soul to the Devil but Rudd honestly seems like too decent of a guy to engage in that sort of thing. Maybe he has an aging portrait of himself hidden away somewhere or he secretly discovered the fountain of youth. At this point, your guess is as good as mine.