Pattinson’s Batman Rumor: Sequel Will Set-up Mr. Freeze and Riddler Spin-off Show

Holy Expanding Cinematic Universe!

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman is one of the most anticipated films of 2022 and fans of the caped crusader may have more Batcontent to look forward to, as it is rumored that a sequel is already in the works that might feature of Batman’s biggest villains.

According to Daniel Richtman, there is a sequel to The Batman, which will feature Robert Pattinson as the dark knight, in development and Mr. Freeze is expected to be the villain (Richtman apparently said the villain reveal will be teased in The Batman). And that’s not all, as he also claims that there is a solo Riddler (who will be played by Paul Dano) project in the works.

None of this has been confirmed so for now it’s just rumors, though it would coincide with another unconfirmed rumor that Pattinson could be appearing as Bruce Wayne in the wider Batman Cinematic Universe, including Zoë Kravitz’s potential Catwoman solo film.

Despite only being online speculation so far, given how awesome Dano’s Riddler has looked in The Batman trailers and photos, the idea of him getting his own spinoff show or movie or whatever “project in the works” means is extremely exciting. Unlike the Riddler’s of old, this upcoming Riddler has ditched the bright green suit and question mark branding in favor of a grittier look that fans have noted seems to be inspired by the look of the infamous real-life Zodiac Killer.

As for Mr. Freeze, he’s one of Batman’s most iconic comic book foes but Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a legendarily terrible performance of the scientist-turned-villain in Batman & Robin, mostly ignoring the character’s tragic backstory in favor of truly terrib le puns that barely count as wordplay (Who can forget “Let’s kick some ice!“?). Even without knowing who would play him, the opportunity to get to see a more nuanced and grounded Mr. Freeze would likely thrill Batman fans.

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