Old Han Solo and Young Han Solo Team-Up to Murder Greedo From Christmas

The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is coming. And it's a crossover bonanza.


Unless you’re like 10-years-old, the upcoming Lego Star Wars Holiday Special might not exactly be your cup of blue-milk-spiked egg nog. Sporting corny jokes and an all-Lego cast of familiar Star Wars characters, this special is decidedly going for the broadest demographic possible. Via time-travel, Rey is able to go to the past of Star Wars and hang out with young Luke Skywalker, which also means she’s going to get to fight Darth Vader, while both of them coo lovingly at Baby Yoda.

All in all, this is fine, if a little bit too cutesy. That said, there is one edgy and full-on macabre joke at the end of the newest trailer for the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. Thanks to all the time travel shenanigans, young Han Solo and cranky-ass old Han Solo will briefly team-up. In the scene in the trailer, they encounter the notorious bounty hunter Greedo, who says “Oota goota Solos?” This line is from Star Wars: A New Hope, in which Greedo says “Oota goota Solo,” which translates to “Going somewhere Solo?” This time, he’s added a perplexed “s” to Solo, since there are two of them.Then, the two Han Solos ask which one of them wants to “shoot first.” This is a jab at the long-running controversy from 1997 in which George Lucas changed the context of Han’s shooting of Greedo to make it seem like Han fired in self-defiance, rather than murdering Greedo outright like a cold-blooded killer.

Historically, the majority of Star Wars fans have been vocally against this change since making Han fire in self-defense, for some reason, makes him seem less cool. (Or, perhaps, the bigger problem is that the tampering with the scene makes it seem non-sensical.)

Adding insult-to-bounty-hunter injury, when A New Hope hit Disney+ in November 2019, the version of the movie had again been altered. In the newest version, Greedo now — inexplicably — utters the word “maclunkey” before getting killed.

So, with the new Holiday Special, the Star Wars brand is apparently throwing a bone to the older generations of Star Wars fans who are (maybe?) still mad about this. It’s pretty weird that family-friendly Disney+ Lego thing is talking about what kind of murderer Han Solo really is, but then again, this is also clearly the best joke in the trailer. But Star Wars isn’t supposed to make sense?

The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special hits Disney+ on November 17.