Okay, has the most confusing thing about 'WandaVision' just been explained?


New 'WandaVision' Mid-Season Trailer Maybe Just Spoiled the Whole Show

by Ryan Britt
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If you feel like you’ve missed something on WandaVision, that’s actually kind of the point. The confusing-on-purpose new Marvel series is somehow like already halfway through its first season even though it really seems like the show just got started. And now, Disney+ has dropped a new mid-season trailer that basically catches you up if you missed the first four episodes. Mild spoilers ahead! Wild speculation follows!

Although the first three episodes of WandaVision took place exclusively inside of fake-sitcoms, episode 4 did reveal that the entire town of “Westview” exists in some kind of energy bubble somewhere in New Jersey. In the contemporary Marvel world (roughly 2023) Kat Dennings from Thor and Randall Park from Ant-Man are investigating the weird sitcom from the outside. And now that Captain Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) has been ejected from the faux-sitcom world, it seems like certain pieces are falling into place.

In the new mid-season trailer (watch above), it very much seems like we’re going to be getting a lot of episodes in which Vision and others question “what’s outside of Westview?” And the tag of the trailer says: “Life could be perfect when it’s made just for you.”

We also see footage of what looks like Vision and Wanda getting ready to fight each other, in their superhero-ish poses.

So, has Disney and Marvel just kind of showing us their ace in the hole? Is the premise of the show simply that…Wanda used her magical powers to make a fake sitcom magic-world where Vision is still alive? Let’s get real, deep in your heart, you kind of already know this is the answer to the big question of WandaVision. What’s going on? Wanda did it. Why is Vision alive. Wanda did it. How? Magic. Why is everyone worried about her fake sitcom world? Magic is scary.

To be clear, the revelations will probably end up being a little more complex than all that, but on some level, we should maybe hope that this isn’t it. If Wanda alone is just creating a fake world (like she did in a comic book story called House of M) then suddenly, we might not be so sympathetic. We’re not saying Wanda is a “Karen” — she hasn’t asked to speak with the manager yet — but, scary, suburban (often white) ladies trying to control every aspect of the suburbs is not a world anybody sane wants to live in.

WandaVision airs on Disney+ on Fridays. There are five episodes left in Season 1. Here’s when they drop.

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