The new movie is technically 'Swan Princess 9' but this non-Disney animated sequel might bring back a few memories.


How to Streaming 'The Swan Princess' and Its New Sequel Online

by Ryan Britt

Twenty-five years ago, in 1994, a princess-themed animated movie hit theaters that nineties kids probably totally remember; The Swan Princess. It’s also possible that you thought The Swan Princess was a Disney flick, even though it wasn’t. Though former Disney animators like Richard Rich worked on The Swan Princess, the movie was independent of the Disney empire, similar to efforts like Don Bluth’s The Land Before Time. And so, if you’re having some nostalgia for an era of non-Disney animated fairy tales, and you wanted to show your kids something new; you’re in luck.

Out today, on DVD and streaming, is a sequel to The Swan Princess called The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music. Do you need to remember what happened in the original Swan Princess to get into this one? Probably not, but, you also should be warned, in terms of Swan-canon, this is the ninth movie in this series released since the 1994 movie.

Still, this little-swan-that-could might be worth your attention, for the simple fact that if you have a young kid who is into princesses, this is the perfect alternative to not watching Frozen for the five thousandth times. Variety is what parents need when it comes to fairy tales, and it turns out, variety is good for kids, too.

Watch an exclusive clip from The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music above.

The original Swan Princess is streaming for free on Hulu.

The new Swan Princess: Kingdom Of Music is streaming to rent on Amazon and elsewhere.