Can a Great Bathrobe Save a Man’s Sanity? ‘New Girl’ Actor Says Yes

David Walton thinks "Men need cues too chill."

Could the line between you having a good day and a bad day be connected to what you’re wearing? As so many of us turn to leisurewear as our default uniform, one article of clothing is poised to make a comeback for men: The bathrobe. And, if you think you’re not allowed to have nice things, or that because you’re a man you don’t need a good, solid bathrobe, consider this: The version of yourself who relaxes will shape the version of yourself who works and takes care of the kids. Self-care for men is something we talk a lot about, but what if it just comes down to owning a nice bathrobe?

“I need cues to do things,” David Walton, actor and co-founder of Wakanicci tells Fatherly. “If I’m stressed out that stress is a cue to reach for the drink, reach for the phone, reach for whatever quick distraction to try and get myself out of that state. So, when I put on a bathrobe, it is truly a cue to try and chill.”

If you watch the video below, or if you head over to Wakanicci (or hit up their Instagram), and see the pitch for “the Perfect Bathrobe,” you’ll totally recognize Walton’s face and self-deprecating humor. He played Sam in New Girl and Will in About a Boy; so, if you’re Netflix and chilling, the chances you’re gonna see him are pretty high. But, along with his partners — Max Ricci and David Kanuth — Walton’s less interested in being a Hollywood actor at the moment and more interested in being a good dad and husband. And he thinks the best way for men do be better is by doing way less, and that maybe, just maybe, the path to that is to get comfy as fuck.

“When you put a bathrobe on, you can’t go for a run. You can snuggle. You can meditate. I always journal in my bathrobe,” he explains. “I wrap my kids up in it, for book-reading time. I think we have to be active with our cues for relaxation. Particularly men.”

The mantra of the Perfect Bathrobe is “Do Less. Be More.” Now, David Walton is a funny, warm guy trying to sell us a bathrobe, but he knows that there is something a little silly— and maybe even off-putting — about the concept. He’s deeply serious about men adopting a Taoist vibe, and taking time for stillness (especially in the middle of a crisis) but he also knows what he’s up against, hence, the tongue-in-cheek approach.

“Look, I am obsessed with comfort and peace. I think there’s an epidemic of lack of quietness and stillness in the world,” he explains. “I believe in the power of the bathrobe. I also believe the bathrobe is inherently hilarious.”

Right now, one might argue spending $200 bucks on a nice bathrobe is self-indulgent. But, how much did you spend on your gym clothes? How about your last few pairs of jeans? What about your bed? If we are all going to be stuck at home for at least another two months, a bunch of dads buying one nice thing for themselves isn’t the worst idea in the world. Plus, Wakanicci is going to be turning around some of their profits to help get delivery drivers and grocery store workers free, high-quality masks.

“Our manufacturing partner is changing a huge portion of our new output to mask,” Walton says. “Not the N-95 masks, but the everyday mask which are in such short supply right now. Truck drivers, mail carriers need those masks. And, we’re gonna start getting those out there for free.”

(Right now, and through Father’s Day, Wakanicci is also offering Fatherly readers 15 % off the Perfect Bathrobe, by entering the code “Fatherly.” You can order it here. )