The ‘Cars 3’ Trailer Proves Pixar is Remaking Rocky

The only difference? Lightning McQueen struggles on stairs.

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cars 3 trailer

The new Cars 3 trailer pulled onto the internet today and it looked great in the way that trailers for Pixar movies look great and fun in the way that Lightning McQueen is fun. The most notable feature? A horrific but beautifully detailed wreck that precipitates a back-t0-basic montage. The four-wheeled wonder is down, but not out. He’s an old car learning new tricks. He’s got some mileage on him, but a ways to go. He is, to put it succinctly, Rocky.

Cars 3 isn’t breaking new ground, but it’s new territory for McQueen. He’s gone from being the hot new racer, to a world-renowned champion to being a clunker. After the crash, McQueen travels to Radiator Springs for a back to basics training regiment. There’s off-road racing, a derby style event, and even a race on the beach that recalls Rocky and Apollo tearing it up in Rocky 3. McQueen is coached by newcomer Cruz Ramirez, an inevitable Adrian.

All of the training is not just to get McQueen back in shape, but it’s to dethrone the new record setting speed of the mysterious, Jackson Storm. Are steroids the reason why Storm is so fast? Most likely not, because it’s a children’s movie. There must be cheating involved to spawn a sequel where McQueen has to outsmart his next enemy: an electric car. Cars 3 hits theaters on June 16.

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