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Netflix's 'Jupiter's Legacy' Trailer: Superhero Family Drama Without the Marvel Baggage

by Ian Spelling

Netflix’s 2017 purchase of Millaworld is about to pay its first dividends in the form of Jupiter’s Legacy. Based on the Mark Millar-Frank Quitely comic-book saga of the same name, Jupiter’s Legacy will stream on Netflix beginning May 7. The trailer, which just dropped, promises superhero drama, stellar special effects, major family conflict, especially daddy issues, and lots of Josh Duhamel in a tight white costume and sporting shoulder-length white hair.

“They’re the first generation of superheroes,” Netflix teases on their page for the show. “But as they pass the torch to their children, tensions are rising — and the old rules no longer apply.” Duhamel heads up the cast as Sheldon Sampson, a/k/a The Utopian, with Leslie Bibb as his wife, Grace Sampson/Lady Liberty, and Ben Daniels as his brother, Walter Sampson/Brainwave. They’re revered superheroes and have spent 90 years saving the day, but the world has changed and it’s time for others to step in when necessary.Only, Sheldon’s not quite so sure that the next generation of “The Union” is ready, willing or able – emphasis on willing – to protect the world. That next generation includes Sheldon and Grace’s children, Chloe (Elena Kampouris) and Brandon (Andrew Horton), as well as Fitz Small/The Flare (Mike Wade). Also along for the adventure is Sheldon’s longtime ally George/Skyfox (Matt Lanter).What’s at stake? What’s NOT at stake? Lives, pride, family, reputations, and, of course, legacies.All eight first-season episodes of Jupiter’s Legacy will drop May 7 on Netflix.