Netflix Jr. Just Launched a Brilliant Bedtime Podcast For Kids

Check out these new Audio bedtime stories, starring Ada Twist, the Storybots, Ridley Jones and more.

Watching a bunch of TV shows before bedtime is never a great move for kids. And, when children are from 2 to 5-years-old, you pretty much want to avoid letting them watch more than an hour of anything. Still, parents are tempted — lately more than ever — to stretch their screen time rules to the limit. Books are obviously your best bet here, but if you’ve got a kid that’s demanding one more episode of Ada Twist or Storybots before bed, there’s now a unique and thoughtful compromise.

As of today, Netflix has launched a podcast called “Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr.” The idea is simple: 15-minute audio bedtime stories, but featuring characters from popular Netflix kids’ shows.

Credit: Netflix

Episodes of Bedtime Stories With Netflix Jr.

Right now that means the following eight podcast episodes are:

  • StoryBots: Why Do We Need Sleep? – After a long day of work, Bang investigates why humans need sleep when it’s much more fun to stay awake.
  • Chip & Potato: Mystery Before Sleeptime – Chip and Potato go on a nighttime adventure to find Spud’s missing Zinger jewel.
  • Super Monsters: Lobo’s First Sleepover – Lobo has his first-ever sleepover with Frankie. After the excited pair get ready for bed, Lobo needs extra help quieting his mind to fall asleep.
  • StarBeam: Calm in the Storm – The day before the big carnival, Miserable Marla is keeping everyone awake with her storming. StarBeam is determined to get a good night’s sleep and quiet Marla down.
  • Ada Twist, Scientist: Tooth Fairy Bells – After Ada loses her first tooth, The Questioneers develop a plan to meet the Tooth Fairy.
  • Ridley Jones: Dino-Night Rescue – Dante has misplaced his stuffy and he can’t fall asleep without it. Ridley and Dudley help Dante explore the museum to find his favorite toy, and get cozy before bedtime.
  • Trash Truck: Tire(d) Swing – Hank and friends chase down their tire swing after it rolls down the hill.
  • Go! Go! Cory Carson: Where’s My Yawn? – After a big day of playing, Freddie accidentally “catches” Cory’s yawn, and the two must do whatever it takes to get Cory’s yawn back before bedtime.

Because each story features animated characters from hit Netflix shows, it’s like getting new adventures of Ridley Jones or Ada Twist, but in audio format! These first eight episodes are only the beginning, too. Netflix Jr. is planning many more Bedtime Stories in this new podcast!

Here’s the Ada Twist episode, “Tooth Fairy Bells.”

You can listen to Bedtime Stories With Netflix Jr. on the following podcasting platforms.

And many more! Check out the details here.