Watch Child Prodigy Nandi Bushell Crush a Pixies Cover

She played multiple instruments for the viral rendition of 'Where Is My Mind?'

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If you asked most 10-year-olds who the Pixies are, they would almost certainly have no clue who you are talking about, as their parents were probably around 10 years old when the band was at the peak of their powers. But music prodigy Nandi Bushell isn’t only aware of the beloved alternative band, she is responsible for one of the best covers of the Pixies’ hit “Where Is My Mind” ever made.

The 10-year-old posted a video of her one-person cover on her FaceBook page, showing her put the entire song together via looping. Bushell plays every instrument, including the electric guitar and drums, along with providing the vocals and even the iconic background wailing that makes the song such a classic. According to the caption, Bushell was inspired to make the cover after listening to “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish, which she said reminded her of the Pixies’ song.

It’s extremely impressive seeing her put all the different parts of the song together and by the end, she has managed to create a cover without needing any other bandmates. And when all the parts are finally done and you get to hear them all blend together, it sounds like one of the better covers of “Where Is My Mind.”

Unsurprisingly, Bushell’s cover has gone viral in just a couple of days, racking up nearly a million views since being uploaded on Monday. She even got a shoutout from the Pixies’ official FaceBook page, who complimented her for doing “great work” on the cover. She also posted the cover on Instagram, where it received nearly half a million views.

Our only complaint? That we only get Bushell doing the chorus, as we would love to see her deliver a cover of the entire song. She clearly has the vocals to deliver a killer rendition of one of the greatest songs from the 80s.

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