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Nandi Bushell Named Cartoon Network's Musician-in-Residence

by Blake Harper
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Over the last year, Nandi Bushell has become the internet’s favorite music prodigy, as the 11-year-old has blown away millions of viewers with her one-person covers of classic rock tunes and beating Dave Grohl in a drum battle. And now, she is making the jump to television, as Bushell announced on her YouTube channel that she is set to become Cartoon Network’s first-ever musician-in-residence.

“Music is such a big part of my life and so are cartoons,” Bushell says in the video. “And now I get to bring both worlds together.”

The video also features an appearance from the Teen Titans, who dance along as Bushell plays for them. According to the video’s description, Teen Titans GO! is Bushell’s favorite cartoon and said that getting to appear with them was “pretty epic.”

So what exactly will Bushell be doing as Cartoon Network’s musician-in-residence? That part isn’t entirely clear yet, especially since she is the first person to ever hold the job title. Obviously, she will be playing plenty of music and perhaps she will pop up in shows to provide some rocking tunes.

Whatever the gig turns out to be, there’s no doubt that Bushell will do a phenomenal job, as she seems to be unbelievably talented at pretty much everything she does. Despite only being 11 years old, Bushell has already managed to become an online sensation due to her incredible musical talent. She has become most well-known for her covers of songs where she will often play every instrument.

Last year, Bushell released a drum cover of Everlong by the Foo Fighters, which was eventually noticed by Grohl. The band’s frontman then challenged her to a drum-off, which Bushell managed to win. The videos received millions of views and quickly made Bushell an internet legend and now, she’ll have the chance to become a television legend as well.

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