These Amazing Maps Show The Most Beloved Kids’ Books In Every Country

Does your kid have all these wonderful books?

The ToyZone

There are some children’s books that define our childhood. We can remember reading them with our parents over and over again. And when we grew up and had our kids, that tradition continued. We pick up a copy of the same book and can read it back to our little ones before bed without having to look at the words. These beloved books have stood the test of time, and a new map shows the most loved kids’ books in every country. Take a look.

The ToyZone sought to find out which books are the most beloved in every country, and the results were wide and varied, which we love. The publication used a list of children’s writers from each country using Wikipedia to start their data dig.

They pulled the data from each of the books from the authors on Goodreads. Specifically, ToyZone looked at the number of ratings and reviews. Using those numbers, the publication defined the most popular books as the highest rated among the 20 books with the most user ratings.

The ToyZone

“The stories we read as children stick in our hearts and minds well into adulthood,” The ToyZone writes. “Whether it’s a fantasy novel or a Christmas classic, we wanted to find out the most popular books from every country. It’s no surprise to see ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ as the top book from the UK, but look around the world, and you might discover some classic works that you had no idea existed.”

The ToyZone

The most popular book in the United States is “Wonder” written by P.J. Palacio, a book about a young boy with facial differences who’s about to head to public school for the first time. The most popular book in Canada is not a surprise either. Robert Munsch’s “Love You Forever” was one of the first books I bought when I had my first baby. Mexico’s most popular book is “Sulwe,” written by actress Lupita Nyong’o.

The ToyZone

In Europe, Ireland’s most popular book is “Kingdom of the Wicked” by Derek Landy, a comedy-horror-adventure series. “Run, Boy, Run” by Uri Orlev is the most popular book in Poland, and “Pancakes for Findus” by Sven Nordqvist is top in Sweden.

There are so many books on the list that we don’t usually see in the United States. So if you’re looking to expand your kid’s library or you’re looking for a book as a gift, consider grabbing one of these and widen the kids’ horizon.