This Super-Biased Map Shows the “Best” TV Show Set In Every State

Seinfeld for NYC...okay...what else?


In many television shows, the unspoken character that plays a role in the storyline is the location where everything takes place. For Sex in the City, it’s New York. The Simpsons has Springfield, and for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it’s California. It’s hard to say if the stories would have been as successful had they taken place elsewhere in the US. Could Carrie Bradshaw be as interesting of a character if she lived in North Dakota? Probably not. That’s what makes this map that highlights the best TV show set in each state an interesting one. Here’s what you need to know.

Matt Shirley, who runs the Instagram account @matsurelee, loves polling people for various different things. He has an Instagram following of 400,000 people who make up the data pool for most of his maps. But this one is different. Instead, he decided on the best TV show set in each state. And he invites you to fight him if you don’t agree.

Posting on Reddit instead of his Instagram account, Matt didn’t ask for anyone’s input before making the map. But, looking at each state and the TV show that he chose, he’s pretty accurate, if you ask us. Looking at the map, he’s nailed that the best show to come out of California was Fresh Prince.

For New York, there were several options he could have chosen, including Sex and the City. Or Friends would have been another option. But, according to the comment section on Reddit, Matt’s choice to name Seinfeld the best show set in New York was the rightful winner.

The winner for Texas was Beavis and Butthead, though someone felt King of the Hill would have been a better winner in the comment section. South Park was top for Colorado, and Big Love won for Utah. All of those make total sense.

There were a few states that didn’t have a TV show title assigned to them. This includes Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, and Oklahoma (plus a few more). Instead, they were marked win a n/a plus an asterisk that read: “I’m sure there was an episode of House Hunters filmed here that was pretty sweet.” And, again, he’s not wrong.

Now, of course, this isn’t a scientific data-filled map by any means. But it’s fun to read over and try to fill in those missing states (like Nashville for Tennessee).