Win All The Water Gun Fights With This DIY Paint-Blasting Super Soaker

Shoot responsibly.

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DIY Paint-Blasting Super Soaker

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, the guy responsible for the snowball machine gun and the world’s largest Nerf gun, is back with his latest modified weapon: A paint-blasting super soaker. And you can bet your watercolors he used it to wage a fight with his nieces and nephews.

Like any child of the 90’s. Rober grew up engaging in epic super soaker battles with his buddies. So it was only natural that he used his very specific set of skills to take his squirt gun game to the next level. Water? Mere child’s play, and Rober quickly made the necessary modifications so that he had 7 squirt guns that shot paint instead of water. It’s like if a super soaker and a paintball gun decided to settle down and have a baby.

Unfortunately, Mark made a rookie mistake by handing the guns off to his nieces and nephews, who immediately turned their weapons of mild destruction on their unsuspecting uncle. Mark, however, was down but not out, and he quickly called up his friend Colin Furze (the man responsible for the world’s fastest stroller) who offered up a few tips to help Rober create the perfect weapon for enacting his revenge. The result? A massive gattling gun that fires paint with a force that would make Tarantino blush.

If you decide to piece together your very own paint-shooter, be warned: As the video demonstrates, thing get very messy very fast. So before you fire anything, lay down a tarp. Otherwise you might end up having to spend a paint-covered night on the couch.

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