This Gorilla At The Zoo Has To Discipline His Kid In Front Of Visitors

No monkey business allowed.

gorilla disciplining offspring
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Like Jane Goodall (and Mark Wahlberg) proved, apes are pretty smart. They can learn sign language, so obviously, their communication skills are top notch. They aren’t afraid to get in touch with their feelings, as evidenced by their understanding of grief and compassion. Hell, they even raised Tarzan, and he can surf on tree branches! And, as the video below shows, at least one gorilla knows how to bring the parenting thunder.

This display of alpha fathering happened at the San Diego Zoo, and is a prime example of how primates are so like us. Silverback dad is — as anyone would be — not amused by being blindsided with a handful of sand. But because even a gorilla knows tantrums are a great time to teach your children emotional intelligence, he stares him down and then says (with his eyes) “let’s put this situation past us and go get a banana split.” Then some kind of a-hole older brother comes along and trucks the kid — but that’s not the point. The point is, do what the first gorilla did. And if you need more wisdom from the animal kingdom, check out how penguins, clownfish, alligators, and more handle their parental duties.

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