Leslie Jones Goes Full MST3K With Snyder Cut Live Commentary

You will believe Batman should just be called "Gadget Man."

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Saturday Night Live legend and bonafide Ghostbuster Leslie Jones is just like you. She decided to watch the Snyder Cut on HBO Max and talk the entire time. Okay, so she’s not exactly like you. She’s actually thousands of times funnier than any of us and has several takes on Zack Snyder’s Justice League that we never considered. Snyder Cut spoilers ahead!

Sometime very late on March 21, Sunday night, Leslie Jones live-tweeted her entire viewing of the four-epic of the Snyder Cut. Firing off unscripted jokes in every single tweet, the result is hilarious and even more cathartic than watching the film itself. Somewhere, hopefully, someone is making a connected audio commentary that you can simply play while watching the Snyder Cut. Like the impromptu genius of Dear, Reader, Wizard People or the legendary hilarity of Mystery Science Theater 3000, what makes Leslie Jones’ live commentary of Justice League so hilarious is the utter commitment. If you just glance at the tweets, she’s got some funny jokes. But, you need to press play on those videos to hear her really get into it.

Jones neither likes nor dislikes Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but she is here to remind you it’s certainly a thing. She has many question and observations which will make you laugh out loud, and also make you look at this movie – and all superheroes movies — in a totally new way.

Perhaps her best joke is early in the rewatch in which she (correctly) points out that in these movies, it makes a lot of sense for Batman to be called “Gadget Man.” She also gives this perfect alternate dialogue to Superman in the climactic battle at the ending, imagining what Superman is saying in his head.

“Fuck your Darkseid…Motherfucker I just came back from the dead and my girlfriend [Lois Lane] said yes and she’s gonna marry me. And even though I’m mad at these dudes for bringing me back so harshly I’m gonna take your motherfucking ass the fuck out. Cause who am I? I am the Kryptonian. I am the mother fucking Superman.”

She also makes an excellent point about the trippy Epilogue of the movie. After Bruce Wayne experiences the “Knightmare vision,” Jones wonders why Wayne doesn’t just pick up the phone and call Superman! “Okay you wake up from a call like that, the next call is to Superman!”

“Hey man, can you come over real quick? I just had a real fucked up dream.”

Jones, as usual, is saying what we’re all thinking! If you enjoy Leslie Jones’ Justice League commentary on Twitter, now is a good time to remind you that she’s very funny in Death to 2020, and her 2020 stand-up special Time Machine is also fantastic.

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