Does ‘Joker’ Have a Post-Credits Scene? Here’s the Deal

Is there a post-credits scene teasing Batman?

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This weekend, a movie you may have heard of called Joker will hit theaters. On paper, the movie is an origin story for the character known as the Joker, most famous for making Bruce Wayne’s life difficult in various incarnations of Batman films, comics, and TV shows. Now, Joaquin Phoenix is playing that character in a controversial film that is either the best movie of the year or the worst, depending on how you look at it. But, if you do go see Joker, you might be wondering: Will this movie tease connections to other superhero movies? In other words, is there a post-credits scene for Joker or what?

Without spoiling the movie, we’re going to save you some time. There is not a post-credits scene for Joker. Yes, this movie is technically playing with the Batman mythos, but there’s no huge scene at the end in which Robert Pattinson’s new Batman steps out from the shadows or anything. This movie stands apart in a huge way. It’s not your average superhero movie, and it’s certainly not employing the most common trend of superhero movies with a post-credits scene.

All of this is good news, because after you sit through Joker you’re going to have a lot of feelings, and now you don’t have to sit through a non-existant post-credits scene to process those feelings. Get thee to the bar!

Joker will be released in theaters everywhere on October 4, 2019.

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