"The world will always need ditch diggers and those sort."


Exclusive Clip: The 'Impractical Jokers' Pull a Hilarious Joke on Parents

by Blake Harper
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The Impractical Jokers have become legends for their willingness to put themselves in insanely awkward situations just to make viewers (and each other) laugh. And their latest, hilariously dim-witted scheme required Sal and Joe to pitch the completely made-up concept of Home Trade Schools to very confused parents. In an exclusive clip for Fatherly, we got a glimpse of this hilarious joke. (Watch it above!)

Home Trade Schools is pretty much what it sounds like, as kids in late elementary school are taught skills in areas like carpentry, metal-work, and plumbing to hopefully prepare them for a future career. It’s, of course, an idea that no reasonable parent would be onboard for, which is why it’s so hilarious watching Joe and Sal have to try and convince several parents that this is a real idea that they should sign their kid up for.

To help Sal and Joe out, the other two Jokers provided them with a poorly-designed powerpoint to really make it clear how bad of an idea this is, forcing the presenting duo to try and talk about pictures of kids scrubbing toilets with straight faces.

Some of the parents looked disgusted or even borderline outraged by the very idea of Home Trade Schools, while others could not help but laugh watching two middle-aged men recite lines like “the world will always need ditch diggers and those sort.”

The already unhinged presentation really went off the rails with the introduction of Vanilla the Clown, “a mysterious and androgynous being that works well with boys and girls that everyone is kind of attracted to.” The photo of Vanilla was absolutely insane and included a creepy voiceover of them saying “Welcome to Hell”, which made it even funnier when it was “revealed” that Vanilla the Clown was actually just Sal in costume.

Sadly, it’s unlikely that there is much of a future for Home Trade Schools but fortunately, the Impractical Jokers aren’t going anywhere.

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