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How to Stream Every Pixar Movie From ‘Incredibles’ to ‘Toy Story 3’

From 'Toy Story 3' to 'Incredibles'

This weekend, the long-awaited Incredibles 2 hits theaters, which just might be the Pixary-est Pixar movie ever. But, because it’s been 14 years since the first one, you and your kids might want to watch the first Incredibles before heading to the theater. With that in mind, watching all the Pixar movies online is possible, you just have to know where to look. And because only three Pixar movies are streaming on Netflix (Cars 3, Finding Dory and Coco) everything else is a streaming rental. Here’s how it breaks down.

To make things easy, the Pixar movies are organized by four groups: The Really Good Ones, The Decent Ones, The Ones You Haven’t Seen, and The Non-Classics.

The Really Good Ones

Though Pixar has a reputation for being amazing, not all Pixar movies are as popular as others. Here’s a totally biased grouping of the ones that are really good, and, coincidentally, are probably the most popular among kids.

The Incredibles (the original) is available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, VUDU and elsewhere.

Toy Story(the original) is officially only streaming for rent on Amazon and iTunes, but some people seem to have uploaded the full versions to YouTube which you can watch, for free, until the links are taken down. Be warned though, these are low quality and we can’t actually recommend you watch the movie this way.

Toy Story 3is only available to rent. YouTube and Amazon are the cheapest.

Finding Nemo is only available to rent. You’re best bets are Amazon, iTunes or VUDU.

Finding Dory is on Netflix. (YES!)

Ratatouille is available to rent only. YouTube and Amazon are the cheapest.

Wall E is streaming on Starz. So, if you have a Starz subscription with Amazon Prime, it’s “free.” Otherwise, you can rent it on Amazon. You can also rent Wall E on YouTube or VUDU.

 Inside Out is on Amazon, but only to purchasenot to rent. Elsewhere it’s 2.99 to rent on YouTube, iTunes, and VUDU. In fairness, this one is so good that you might just want to buy it.

The Decent Ones

These are the Pixar movies that are well-liked, but not beloved. That being said, they’re all worth another shot.

Up is available for rent on Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere. Reminder: it is very sad.

Toy Story 2 is available to rent on Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere. There’s a weird Star Wars reference at the end of this on everyone has forgotten about.

Brave is available to rent on Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere. For those of us with daughters, this one is still awesome, if only because there are still fewer female-leads in these kinds of movies than there should be.

Monsters Inc. is available to rent on Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere. A great one for kids worried about monsters in their closet, under the bed, etc. They’re there, but they’re nice!

The Ones You Haven’t Seen

Coco is available on Netflix! It won the Oscar for Best Animated Movie last year!

Monsters University is streaming to rent on Amazon and elsewhere. Some people say you can watch this one before Monster’s Inc. and it makes that movie better.

The Good Dinosaur is streaming to rent on YouTube, Amazon and elsewhere. It’s no Land Before Time, but what is, really?

The Non-Classics

Not all Pixar classics are classics at all. Here’s a brief guide to where to watch them anyway. In fairness, Owen Wilson is pretty funny in the Cars movies, they’re just not up to the brilliance of the big ones.

Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3 

Look, the Cars movies aren’t great, but, Cars 3 is on Netflix and it’s not the worst. Netflix also has a collection of shorts called Cars: Mater’s Tall Tales. The original Cars and Cars 2 are available for rent on Amazon. 

Finally, the second Pixar movie ever, A Bug’s Life is on Amazon for rental. It’s not the same as Antz, which came out around the same time and is not a Pixar movie, though it kind of seems like one.

Obviously, the only big Pixar movie missing from this list is Incredibles 2, and that’s because it’s out in theaters everywhere starting June 15. Meanwhile, Toy Story 4 will come out June 20, 2019, exactly a year from now.