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Netflix / Black Mirror

How to Get the Best Endings For ‘Black Mirror Bandersnatch’

There are five main endings to Netflix's massively popular new 'Black Mirror' choose-your-own adventure movie. Here's how to get the best ones.

If you’ve had an hour to yourself over the holidays, there’s a chance you’ve wanted to dip into the newest Black Mirror thingamabob everyone’s talking about on Netflix; the dark choose-your-own-adventure movie Bandersnatch. But, because there are so many ways you can screw-up, Bandersnatch might be frustrating for some because unlike a video game or one of the real Chose Your Own Adventure books, going back and starting over is a little more time-consuming. So, what are the best endings?

We’re not going to pretend to have figured out all the various endings to the storylines, and some people on Reddit have gotten through a lot of permutations. But, we can guide you to the five, seemingly most significant endings. You know, just in case you don’t have 10 free hours to go through this story over and over and over again.

(One note: whenever you are presented with the option of pouring tea over Stefan’s computer, don’t do it. It’s like one of those instant endings in the old Choose Your Own Adventure books.)

Now, onto the five best endings. At least, we think.