So… How Many Children Were Celebrating With the Warriors?

An official investigation.

stephen curry and daughter celebrating warriors victory

Last night, thanks to some fantastic shooting and lights out defense, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers to win their second NBA championship in three years. During the gleeful postgame celebrations, I couldn’t help but notice how many kids popped up in the arms of Warriors players. One moment, there was a cute kid on camera only to seemingly disappear in the next cut and be replaced by a new, equally adorable kid. It was a jubilant celebration, but it got me wondering: With only 14 players on the roster, how is it possible that the players have so many kids to celebrate with? I wanted to find out, so I did a deep dive into each player to discover exactly how many little Warriors there really are.

Steph Curry

Whether stealing the spotlight during her dad’s press conferences or using the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy as a mirror, Curry’s daughter Riley is the face of NBA kids. She also has a 1-year-old sister named Ryan, who will undoubtedly join her sister in warming our hearts for years to come.

Number of Kids: Two

Kevin Durant

The Finals MVP and best player in the league has incredible ball handling, a massive wingspan, and some mediocre shoes, but he does not have any kids.

Number of Kids: Zero

Draymond Green

The Warriors defensive mastermind and groin-kicking enthusiast had his first child, his son Draymond Jr., in the middle of the season.

Number of Kids: One

Klay Thompson

The second best shooter in the league does not have any kids.

Number of Kids: Zero

Andre Iguodala

The 2015 Finals MVP has a 10-year-old son named Andre II and a 7-year-old daughter named London, who is apparently a genius.

Number of Kids: Two

Zaza Pachuli

The pride of Georgia basketball and owner of the second coolest name in basketball (all hail Bougie Cousins) has three kids: Miriam, Davit, and Saba.

Number of Kids: Three

JaVale Mcgee

The face of Shaqtin a Fool has no kids.

Number of Kids: Zero

Matt Barnes

Barnes’ private life received a lot of public attention thanks to a messy divorce and subsequent beef with Derek Fisher. He also has two sons, Carter and Isaiah.

Number of Kids: Two

Patrick McCaw

He’s too busy being the luckiest rookie of all time to be a dad.

Number of Kids: Zero

David West

Some call David West a ring chaser. Some call him a savvy player who has secured his legacy. David Jr. and Dasia just call him dad.

Number of Kids: Two

Shaun Livingston

One of the most valuable contributors off the bench became a father earlier this year when his fiancee, Joanna Williams, gave birth to their daughter Tyler Marie.

Number of Kids: One

Ian Clark

The 26-year-old guard isn’t a household name but he does have a ring. He has no kids.

Number of Kids: Zero

James McAdoo

McAdoo does not have any kids, but he is married to a former UNC volleyball player.

Number of Kids: Zero

Damian Jones

You probably aren’t familiar with Jones, and that’s understandable. He spent much of the season in the D-league and failed to make much of an impression when he was called up to the Warriors. He does not have any kids.

Number of Kids: Zero.

Final Count: 13 Kids

Okay, so, after some Googling and even a little bit of Bing-ing, it seems the Warriors’ roster has thirteen kids between them. So, my eyes deceived me. Still, it was one hell of a kid-fueled celebration. And, maybe by 2035, these kids will form their own super team to take down their dads.