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Homer Simpson Has Racked Up $143 Million in Medical Bills, Study Says

Once Homer sees that medical bill, he's guaranteed to have a cow, man.

Over the course of 33 seasons, Homer Simpson’s body has been through a lot. He’s fallen off cliffs, been attacked by two of his kids, gotten hit and smashed by several cars, and even been shot in the stomach with a cannonball repeatedly. Somehow, he’s managed to survive it all but his gift of immortality comes with a hefty price tag, as it turns out Homer has racked up over a hundred million dollars in medical bills over his lifetime.

Researchers for the injury attorneys at DTLA Law Group analyzed 50 of Homer’s most memorable injuries, which include “multiple broken bones, head injuries, animal attacks and food poisoning.” They then assessed the cost of these major injuries.

  1. Brain damage: $1,525,500
  2. Paralysis: $508,904
  3. Radiation exposure: $150,000
  4. Skull Fracture: $100,000
  5. Loss of Consciousness: $80,000

They discovered that the medical cost of these injuries alone would be $10,107,798 and if you extrapolate that over the course of the entire series, Homer would owe $143 million (which is 452 times more than the average American).

Health insurance would certainly help the Simpson family from being over a hundred million dollars in debt. But given America’s notoriously bad health care system, they likely would still not have enough money saved to send Lisa to college or to bail Bart out of jail, as they would likely be reaching their out-of-pocket maximum very early in the year.

But honestly, in the case of Homer, does he really even need to go to the hospital? This is a man who has managed to survive an avalanche, being struck by lightning, and eating a poisoned fish over the course of his life. No matter what he goes through, he’s always completely fine by the start of the next episode. If I stub my toe it has a greater impact on my life than Homer going through a near-death experience.