Once Homer sees that medical bill, he's guaranteed to have a cow, man.


Homer Simpson Has Racked Up $143 Million in Medical Bills, Study Says

by Blake Harper
Originally Published: 

Over the course of 33 seasons, Homer Simpson’s body has been through a lot. He’s fallen off cliffs, been attacked by two of his kids, gotten hit and smashed by several cars, and even been shot in the stomach with a cannonball repeatedly. Somehow, he’s managed to survive it all but his gift of immortality comes with a hefty price tag, as it turns out Homer has racked up over a hundred million dollars in medical bills over his lifetime.

Researchers for the injury attorneys at DTLA Law Group analyzed 50 of Homer’s most memorable injuries, which include “multiple broken bones, head injuries, animal attacks and food poisoning.” They then assessed the cost of these major injuries.

  1. Brain damage: $1,525,500
  2. Paralysis: $508,904
  3. Radiation exposure: $150,000
  4. Skull Fracture: $100,000
  5. Loss of Consciousness: $80,000


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