Whoops! HBO Max Accidentally Swapped ‘Justice League’ With ‘Tom and Jerry’

This is pretty hilarious.

Warner Bros / DC

Fans have been waiting for years to finally get to see Zack Snyder’s Justice League but they could have gotten an early glimpse of the movie yesterday, as HBO Max accidentally gave viewers attempting to watch Tom & Jerry access to the highly-anticipated cut of Justice League instead.

The infamous, four-hour Snyder-cut is currently set to be released on HBO Max on March 18 but due to what appears to be some kind of technical glitch, it accidentally played for several users who were trying to watch Tom & Jerry.

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League was temporarily available on HBO Max and the error was addressed within minutes,” the streaming service said in a statement.

Doug Bass was one of the unsuspecting viewers who stumbled upon Justice League and took to Twitter to share his unique experience. Bass said he “just wanted to put on Tom & Jerry for background noise” while he worked and was surprised to find that he was instead getting to watch the Snyder-cut a week-and-a-half early.

His tweet initially featured a screenshot from the movie but that was eventually taken down after Twitter began sending takedown notices due to copyright complaints from Warner Bros.

Based on Bass’ experience, it seems that only the first hour of Snyder’s Justice League was available, as the movie cut off after an hour and when he tried to restart it, Tom & Jerry played as it was supposed to. But based on the one hour he got to see, it sounds like Bass was very impressed with Snyder’s version of Justice League, as he tweeted a “no spoilers” review praising the film.

“The CGI finally rivals that of Marvel and you’re gonna love it,” Bass tweeted. “That’s all im saying… Get excited.”

Barring any other streaming mix-ups from HBO Max, we’ll all have to wait until March 18 to see for ourselves.