Kong is coming.


'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' Ending Explained: King Kong Is Coming

by Blake Harper

Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the newest movie in the popular horror-action franchise, comes to theaters this weekend with the promise of countless humans dying due to giant dinosaurs duking-it-out for global supremacy. But beyond wondering if humans will ever stop thinking waking these guys up is a good idea, you may find yourself asking a key question: Are more Godzilla movies coming? It’s a fair question, after all, you might now even know that this movie is technically a sequel to the 2014 movie Godzilla and a sideways sequel to 2017’s Kong: Skull Island. So what’s the deal? Are we really in a shared monster-verse here, or what? The answer is a big, ape-paw-sized YES.

WARNING: Obviously, there are some major plot spoilers coming your way so please abandon ship if you want to walk into the film completely blind.

At the end of Godzilla, the titular King of the Monsters is able to defeat the evil Ghidorah thanks to a nuclear power-up and the rest of the monsters bow to their one true ruler. Once the credits begin to roll, we get a glimpse at Godzilla beginning to restore order through a series of news clips. The biggest takeaway is that Mothra, Queen of the Monsters, takes the remaining crew to Skull Island, where a certain gigantic ape has been known to hang out. The Godzilla-King Kong crossover is all but confirmed when a cave drawing shows the two battling (this does not appear to be modern but is a clear set up for the future conflict between them; after all Kong: Skull Island teased similar cave paintings, of Godzilla, and was set in the 1970s.)

But along with the clips at the start of the credits, there is also a scene after the credits where we see Colonel Alan Jonah (Charles Dance), the film’s primary antagonist, meeting with a fisherman who has recovered one of the decapitated heads of Ghidorah. Jonah agrees to buy the head, heavily implying that he will work towards regenerating the fallen extra-terrestrial creature, most likely to once again try to wipe out humanity in the name of eco-terrorism. That’s right, folks, we got plenty of sequel potential!

This is all clearly setting up the highly-anticipated Kong vs. Godzilla, which is set to hit theaters sometime in 2020. Although, Dance has confirmed his villainous character will not be in Kong vs. Godzilla, so it’s likely that Col. Jonah will be showing up in a later Monsterverse film, assuming the franchise lasts that long.