The book that has been read by countless generations has just become an adorable new Dreamworks show.


'Go Dog. Go!' On Netflix: The Literary Antidote to 'Paw Patrol'

by Ryan Britt

If you have a preschool or kindergarten-ready child, then you certainly know the power of both dogs and racecars. Luckily, the 1961 classic book Go Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman combines both kid-obsessions in equal measure. But, were you ever left wanting a little more from this book? Does your kid want to know how the rules of the dog-driven, dog-party world actually work?

Well, look no further. As of today, Dreamworks Entertainment has debuted a new series that gives the Paw Patrol pups some literary competition. Season 1 of Go Dog. Go! based on the classic Eastman book has just hit Netflix, and it’s pretty darn cute. Fatherly is pleased to present an exclusive clip from Go Dog. Go!, which you can watch above.

If you’re looking for a new series about talking dogs (and who isn’t) you could do much worse than Go Dog. Go! Produced by Adam Peltzman, who also worked on The Odd Squad and Blues Clues, this TV series version of Go Dog. Go! has the whimsy of the classic book, but is able to compete with your kids’ attention. It’s also less cloying than those Paw Patrol mutts, and a little more magical.

You can start streaming Go Dog. Go! on Netflix right now.