Former NASA Engineer Builds The World’s Most Powerful Super Soaker

It's seven-feet long, shoots water at speeds up to 243 miles per hour, and its spray is powerful enough to slice through a soda can.

by Brad Weekes
Originally Published: 
Mark Rober giant super soaker

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and creator of such awesome creations as such as a paint blasting super soaker and a snowball machine gun, has returned with his latest monstrosity: the world’s largest super soaker. The enormous water weapon, which claimed the Guinness World Record for largest ever water gun, is seven feet long and shoots water at speeds up to 243 miles per hour.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Rober demonstrates the sheer power of his super soaker, which is powered by two massive C02 canisters stoved into the handle. And boy does this thing have power. Considering it’s basically a souped-up power washer, it absolutely obliterates everything that enters its spray. The gun halves a watermelon and turns eggs into shrapnel. It decimates hot dogs and slices through cans of soda. Rober even unleashes it on some brave — and very hairy — bellies.

The video is a blast, as Rober not only goes wild with his weapon but also explains the science of super soakers and pressurized water cannons in general. He even gets Lonnie Johnson, the creator of the original soaker, on the line. As always, Rober provides step-by-step instructions for his creation. Just know that, as this video demonstrates, the weapon is extremely powerful and shouldn’t be used for any actual backyard warfare. Unless the machines start to rise up and dominate us all. When that day comes, aim for the circuit boards.

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