‘The ABC Song’ Gets the Rap Treatment it Deserves

This father-son duo's take on the classic is catchy-as-hell.

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What’s the best way to know your ABCs? Throw a sick beat behind it. At least that’s the method of one father-son duo, who recently posted a version of themselves rapping the kiddie tune over a backing trap beat. The hyphy-as-hell take on the classic comes courtesy of Stanley Freeland, who regularly posts videos of he and his 4-year-old son Josiah to Instagram (father_like_sonent2404). In each, the pair wears matching outfits (the polo shirt/short combo is classic) while busting out dance moves and rapping. As his face lets on, Josiah is pretty serious about the whole endeavor — and he very well should be because his natural onscreen charisma is undeniable.

Stanley started posting the videos as a fun activity for him and Josiah — and to encourage other dads to build strong relationships with their kids. So far, the pair has covered a number of classics, racked up thousands of likes, and gotten the new version of the ABC song stuck in their heads. Stanley recently challenged other father-child duos to update some other classic kid’s tracks. Here’s hoping submissions roll in. Because a hip-hop version of “I’m a Little Teapot” is what this world needs.

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