‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Easter Egg Could Mean Wolverine Is Already in the MCU

The name of a certain bar might mean Logan is lurking the Sam and Bucky's shadow.

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The new Marvel shows on Disney+ love teasing us with X-Men references, which, during WandaVision, even meant the stunt-casting of a former X-man as Wanda’s fake brother. So far, none of these Easter eggs have meant the X-Men have actually been incorporated into the MCU (not even Quicksilver!) but that doesn’t stop us from noticing when strange X-Men Easter eggs pop up. And the latest tiny X-Men reference could end up being pretty big. Mild spoilers ahead for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, episode 3, “Power Broker.”

Following a credits tease in the first episode, Bucky and Sam head to the city of Madripoor with Zemo to figure out who made released the super-soldier serum and empowered the Flash Smashers. While in the lowdown district of Madripoor, we see Bucky, Sam, and Zemo pass by something called “The Princess Bar.” This is a deep-cut to X-Men comic book continuity. Basically, in some of the comics, Logan (Wolverine) kept a low profile at the Princess Bar under the alias of “Patch.” To be clear, Falcon and Winter Soldier does not mention Patch or the bar’s mysterious owner, “O’Donnell,” but just the fact that the Princess Bar exists in the MCU, which means that the powers-that-be at Marvel want some of us to be thinking about the X-Men.

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Some fans even believe that the entire super-serum plot in Falcon and Winter soldier could lead to an explanation about various mutants running around in the MCU unaccounted for. Then again, who knows, maybe after Tony Stark undid the Thanos “snap” he brought back more than just all the people from the old Marvel universe. What if he brought back the X-Men, too?

In Falcon and Winter Soldier, we still don’t know who Power Broker really is but the underworld contact we met in this episode, Selby, is a very deep-cut character from X-Men, comics, too. (She only appeared in ONE issue.)

Based on what happened in WandaVision, people obsessed with Marvel crossovers shouldn’t get their hopes up too much for Falcon and Winter Soldier. Then again, because this episode ended with a surprise appearance from Ayo (Florence Kasumba) from Black Panther, it seems like this Marvel series is intersecting with a lot of Marvel continuity at the same time. Does that mean Bucky and Sam will end-up doing shots with Wolverine at the Princess Bar when this is all over? We can only hope!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier airs new episodes on Disney+ on Fridays. At this point, we’re halfway through the season.

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