Who is that woman with the mask?


Final 'Falcon and Winter Soldier' Trailer Teases Big Marvel Villain

by Ryan Britt
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The next Marvel epic — the 6-episode Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier — is coming on Friday, March 19. And even though most of us are familiar with Sam (Falcon) and Bucky (Winter Soldier), the funny thing is, at this point, we actually don’t know much about the plot. Falcon and Winter Soldier seems more straightforward than WandaVision but that doesn’t mean the trailers aren’t hiding a lot of secrets. Yes, we know that Agent Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) is returning from the Civil War-era of the Avengers movies. But, who is that masked woman in the latest trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

If actress Erin Kellyman seems familiar, it’s probably because you remember her from Solo: A Star Wars Story, in which she also played a masked-villain named Enfys Nest, who actually turned out to be a good person. So, who is Kellyman playing in Falcon and the Winter Soldier? The latest trailer gives her a lot more screen time than previous ones, so the good money here is that she’s probably a pretty big deal on this show. (That said, there are also rumors that an evil faux-Captain America is going to show up in the series, too. But, the trailers have only shown this guy high-fiving someone on a football field.)

Anyway, Kellyman’s masked baddie (or is she vigilante?) is probably the Marvel comics character Flag-Smasher. In the comics, this character’s “regular” name was Karl Morgenthau, so if Kellyman is Flag-Smasher, then that character is now a woman. Several comic-book experts seem to think that Kellyman is Flag-Smasher, an anarchist terrorist, but there’s one outlier theory that this could be a character named “Sin.” In the comics, Sin is the daughter of the Red Skull, Captain America’s biggest nemesis.

Of the two theories, “Sin” is the one that’s more fun, but Flag-Smasher seems more likely simply because the Red Skull stuff might be too in the weeds, even for a Disney+ show. Either way, right ahead of its debut,

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is doing a great job at keeping secrets. Here’s when every episode will drop on Disney.+

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