Dude Dad Taylor Calmus is back!


Exclusive: Here's The 'Super Dad' Season 2 Trailer

by Ian Spelling

Dude Dad became so popular that it expanded into Super Dad, and Super Dad proved so popular that it’s about to launch into a second season – and we’ve got an exclusive look at the Super Dad season-two trailer to whet your appetite. Actor-comedian Taylor Calmus is the man behind Super Dad, as his Dude Dad do-it-yourself building vlogs exploded in popularity on YouTube and paved the way for Super Dad, which streams on Discovery+ and the Magnolia app. On the show, Calmus and his team of skilled builders help aspiring DIY dads transform their kids’ crazy backyard dreams into playtime realities.

“I learned so much from all these dads, and we were able to give back with some even bigger and better builds this year,” Calmus told us. “This season will not disappoint!”

Season two will premiere on October 29 on Magnolia Network. Like season one, the show’s sophomore season will consist of eight episodes. And, yes, fans can once again expect to see appearances by Calmus’ wife, Heidi, and their two young kids, Theo and Juno, among other Calmus family and friends.

Magnolia Network also provided this synopsis of season two: “Taylor helps a former professional dancer create a larger-than-life outdoor theater space; builds a fantasyland fort complete with a 40-foot slide for a family with 8 kids; and creates a huge play structure with a bridge, climbing wall, and a homemade rocket launch for a family that experienced a tragic house fire. There’s also an episode where Taylor enlists the help of his own dad and brother to help get a new project started in his own backyard.”

Here’s how to watch the Magnolia Network.