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‘Doctor Strange 2’ Lego Leak Reveals Wanda and New Marvel Hero

It looks like 'The Multiverse of Madness' will be introducing us to a new hero in the MCU. Here's what we know.


A Lego set may have accidentally revealed a ton of new information about the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, as someone tweeted that a photo of a Lego box that appears to confirm that Wanda (aka the Scarlet Witch) and America Chavez will be in The Multiverse of Madness.

But what does that information actually mean in Multiverse of Madness and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe in general? Here is what we know so far.

Who Is America Chavez?

Also known as Miss America, Chavez is a relatively new hero in the world of Marvel, having only been introduced a decade ago. She will reportedly be played by Xochitl Gomez and she became Marvel’s first Latin-American LGBTQ character to star in an ongoing series with the launch of America in 2017.

What Is America Chavez’s Role in Marvel?

After her reality (called the Utopian Parallel) is destroyed, Chavez ends up becoming a superhero across a variety of universes, thanks to her super strength, flight, and durability. So how does she fit in with Doctor Strange? It’s not clear, as they have little crossover in the comics.

However, the MCU has been known to change characters’ backstories to fit them into their narrative and that could certainly be the case with Chavez. After all, the character does come from another universe in the comics and has the power to travel through the multiverse (via punching open star-shaped holes in realities). So she could join our world as a part of the multiverse exploring, whether she arrives on her own or is discovered.

What Is Wanda’s Role in The Multiverse of Madness?

Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) has long been rumored to be teaming up with Doctor Strange, with some people even believing Strange was edited out of the post-credits scene in WandaVision. While the two haven’t spent much time together in the MCU at this point, their partnership makes total sense. Wanda is looking to understand and control her powers and Strange is perhaps the only person who could actually help her with this.

There are, of course, rumors that Wanda may actually turn out to be the villain of Multiverse of Madness, which would admittedly be a cool twist. But we likely won’t have any real answers until the movie is released.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be in theaters May 6, 2022.