This Dad Created An Awesome DIY Nerf Armory Your Kid Will Love

A battle-ready pegboard

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DIY Nerf Armory
Imgur / Volcomm

You’ve tried to implement common sense Nerf gun control in your household, but your little patriot has made it clear that they won’t surrender to your fascism. And besides, you have too much fun exchanging dart-fire with them. Now you’ve gone so far as to try to create the world’s biggest Nerf gun. But one Nerf problem you can’t seem to solve is how to get your kid to stop leaving their guns all over the damn house after the fight is over.

One badass dad has the ultimate DIY solution: A toy weapon armory. For your tiny soldier, it means proudly displaying their endless collection of artificial weapons for all to see. For you, it means not having to spend your entire Sunday helping your kid relocate all the gear they lost on the battlefield.

The inventor of this awesome weapon storage system is a dad who goes by the name Volcomm on Imgur, where he uploaded photos of the arsenal, along with extremely helpful step-by-step instructions on how to make your own at home. All you need are 3 sheets of peg board, spray paint, and a couple hours to put it together. The whole thing has a DIY look your kid will love. But the biggest perk? As Volcomm himself says, “It’s not perfect, or professional by any means, but it keeps their crap off the floor.”

So while it’s unlikely you’ll ever convince your kid to regularly pick up their crap (or stop firing darts at your crotch), an arsenal might give them more incentive. And you a place to stage your next sneak attack.

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