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Former NASA Engineer Uses Science To Defog His Windshield

flickr / accarrino

Of all the annoying things that come with driving in the winter, perhaps the most frustrating is when you get into your car ready to go, only to find you can’t see a goddamn thing. You might try defogging it, but you have no idea what will actually help. Hot air? Cold air? Who knows! Lucky for you, former NASA engineer and snowball machine gun inventor Mark Rober decided to figure out the best method for getting rid of that pesky fog.

While this might seem like an experiment any regular Joe could pull off, Rober puts his science skills to work by utilizing the scientific method to test out his hypothesis (Nerd!). First, he created a consistent environment that caused his windshield to be equally blurred for 10 days, so he could test 10 different methods. After the 10 days, he found one technique got the job done in almost half the time it took the other 9 methods. So if you are looking to defog your windshield as fast as possible, the Robinator swears by this simple 4-step method:

  1. Turn your heat up all the way.
  2. Turn on your AC.
  3. Turn off your air circulation.
  4. Crack open your windows to let air in for a few seconds.


So next time you are running late for work and are ready to throw a Trump-level tantrum when your car is frosted, keep your as cool as your windshield and remember these 4 simple steps. You’ll be threatening to turn this car around in no time.

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