Is Deadpool 2 Worthy of a Rare Parents’ Night Out?

The Merc with a mouth's second outing is fun, violent, and a bit exhausting. Is it worth the cost of a babysitter?

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A trip to the movies is a sacred thing. While you could once go see any movie whenever you wanted without a second thought, the responsibility of taking care of another human life means that date nights are mostly a relic of the past. Going to the theater requires inordinate amounts of time and dedication, so when you finally get the chance to see a movie you need to be sure its worth it.

So, does Deadpool 2 fit the bill? The sequel to the 2016 snarky superhero film has come out of the gate with strong reviews and huge box office numbers but does that mean it’s worthy of your oh-so-rare time as well as the price of sitter (and popcorn and tickets)? Here’s what you should know.

What’s Deadpool 2 About?

The sequel takes place two years after the original film, with Deadpoo (Ryan Reynolds) working as a mercenary. He’s suddenly forced to protect Firefist, a slightly unstable teen mutant, from Cable (Josh Brolin), a time-traveling cybernetic super-soldier. Eventually, Deadpool forms a superteam known as the ‘X-Force’ to help fend off the bad guys, keep Firefist safe, and serve as a sounding board for his jokes and references.

What’s Works In Deadpool 2?

The greatest strength of Deadpool 2, and, really, the entire franchise as a whole, is that it is a superhero movie that is aware of the fact that the entire concept of superheroes is kind of silly. In the post-Dark Knight era, Marvel and DC have worked tirelessly to make superpowered vigilantes in costumes feel as real as possible. Deadpool 2 has no interest in being grounded or following expectations. It’s a balls-to-the-walls ridiculous while still telling an entertaining and satisfying story.

The movie is also packed with phenomenal performances all across the board, starting with Ryan Reynolds, the Internet’s cheekiest dad. In the hands of a lesser actor, Deadpool would have gotten stale real fast. But Reynolds has the right amount of arrogance, wit, and voice-acting chops to make the character’s nonstop antics feel fun and fresh instead of annoying. He also brings an unexpected level of pathos to the character without getting too melodramatic or cheesy.

The rest of the cast is just as great. Josh Brolin’s serious, brooding Cable is the perfect foil to the devil-may-care style of Deadpool. Newcomers Zazi Beetz (Domino) and Julian Dennison (Firefist) are both fantastic, as is Brianna Hildebrand in her return as Negasonic Teenage Warhead (which remains the greatest superhero name in the history of superhero names). Rob Delaney just about steals the entire movie with his hysterical turn as Peter, the delightfully dorky dad whose only powers include his impeccable sense of dad fashion and the ability to grow a totally bitching mustache.

What Doesn’t Work in Deadpool 2?

While the best part of Deadpool 2 is its willingness to say fuck it and go a little crazy, the worst part of the movie is how proud of itself it is for saying fuck it and going a little crazy. Deadpool is inherently smug character and while that is often used to great effect, sometimes the self-satisfaction reaches insufferable heights. The entire movie works a little too hard to remind you how “edgy” it and its bad boy protagonist are, which can be grating.

Deadpool 2 could also benefit from a reminder of the dangers of too much of a good thing, as the film overindulges in pretty much everything, especially in jokes department. Deadpool’s whole shtick is reliant upon a high level of self-awareness and while the that can be hilariously effective at times, other times it comes across as a lazy crutch used to cover up the film’s weaknesses. Self-deprecation and fourth wall breaking are both extremely effective comedic devices when used properly but in this case, they are used excessively with diminishing returns.

Is Deadpool 2 Sexy?

Not unless rapid-fire dialogue revolving around meta-humor and dick jokes gets you in the mood. This movie wears its sophomoric sense of humor as a badge of honor and while that is great for laughs, it’s less conducive for couples hoping to reignite their sexual spark.

Is Deadpool 2 Romantic?

Not so much. Wade Wilson’s fiancee Vanessa was not given much to do in the first Deadpool and while she gets a slightly more interesting arc in the sequel, their love story remains one of the less compelling components of the film. It’s not unromantic, per se, but romance definitely exists on the backburner.

Anything Else I Should Know?

-Stay for the end of the credits. While this has become the norm for superhero movies, Deadpool 2 offers some legitimate surprises in its post-credits sequence. Don’t miss it.

-The movie also features some truly fantastic cameos and really makes use of them. We won’t spoil them but viewers should keep their eyes open for plenty of surprise appearances.

-Reynolds made the claim that Deadpool 2 is a family movie at its core. This turns out to be mostly bullshit. The idea of choosing one’s own family and putting other’s needs ahead of oneself are in the film but certainly aren’t what audiences will ultimately remember about the sequel. That’s not a bad thing but it’s something viewers might want to know going in.

-A quick warning for anyone who may be a bit squeamish about excessive violence: This movie is violent. Like, violent violent. People who love lot of arterial spray and decapitations will be delighted but it may be too much for others.

So… Is Deadpool 2 Worth It?

Yes. No. Maybe? To be totally honest, it depends entirely on how you felt about the first film. If Deadpool felt like a refreshing, irreverent change of pace for the superhero genre, then chances are you will view Deadpool 2 as another successful chapter in the franchise. But for anyone who felt the entire concept of Deadpool was a bit much, it’s unlikely that the sequel will change that opinion.

Overall, Deadpool 2 is a solid sequel that builds upon what made the first film a box office and cultural juggernaut while adding some exciting new elements. But, like the first film, it is also hyper-violent, crass, and, at times, less interesting than it thinks it is. So if you and your spouse share a slightly immature and extremely morbid sense of humor, Deadpool 2 will serve as the ideal date night movie. If not, hey, Solo comes out next week.

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