Father and Son Motivating Each Other to Make U.S. Open With Chores

A father-son duo are getting each other motivated to make the U.S. Open with the threat of chores.

In a move that would make both Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr. proud, a father and son will both try to qualify for the U.S. Open today in separate rounds. Davis Love III and his son, Dru, will each play 36 holes of golf with the hopes of earning spots at the upcoming U.S. Open in Erin, Wisconsin. To motivate themselves, the father and son have come up with a creative punishment if only one of them makes the tournament: chores. If Dru falls short, he’ll be forced to do extra chores around their house in Georgia, while Davis will be forced to wash his son’s truck.

While the chore bet certainly makes things interesting, both Dru and Davis have decent shots at making the tournament. Davis has won 21 PGA Tour Events over the course of his career, including the 1997 PGA Championship; Dru, meanwhile, is hoping to follow in Dad’s cleat-steps after an impressive college career at Alabama. For either to make the tournament, however, they must compete against each other and the rest of the 751 players attempting to qualify.

If Dru and Davis do end up both making the U.S. Open, it will be only the third time that a father and son have competed in the same Major Event. Joe Kirkwood Sr., and his son, Joe Kirkwood Jr., became the first duo to do so in the 1948 U.S. Open, and Craig and Kevin Stadler did the same at the Masters in 2014. If chores aren’t enough to motivate Dru and Davis, getting to join this historic list of father-son duos might just do the trick.