‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ Will Revisit the Famous Mister Rogers Crayon Factory

The joy of childhood rushes back!

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Daniel Tiger Crayon Factory
Credit: PBS

One of the best TV shows for a young kid is no doubt Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The lessons are real, the songs actually work in real life, and there’s a nostalgic feel to what we watched growing up with Mister Rogers and the lessons he gave us. The cartoon, featuring a tiger named Daniel (his dad was a puppet on the original show), is giving us another fun look back at one of the most classic episodes of the original show, and we’ve got a first look.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is coming out with some new episodes to start our new year off on the best foot. One caught our eye because it’s a nod to the classic episode we still recall watching as a kid when Mister Rogers took us on a little field trip to a crayon factory. In the episode, which originally aired back in 1981, Mister Rogers visited a crayon factory, and for many of us, this was the coolest episode ever. Seeing how to make one of our most-loved possessions and being able to see that behind-the-scenes look is something people our age still talk about now.

And now — in a new episode airing on Wednesday, January 8 on PBS Kids — our kids get to experience it, too, with their favorite cast of characters including Daniel the Tiger, O the Owl, and Jodi. In the episode, Daniel returns to the Crayon Factory and learns a valuable lesson on sharing and keeping calm, recounting the advice, “When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four.”

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This episode and other new ones are set to air on PBS Kids on January 8. But we have a sneak peek of the Crayon Factory episode right now. Watch it below!

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