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Why Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscars Joke About His Parents Having Sex Was Fantastic

"My mom. My dad. It's amazing. They had sex. I'm here."


Last night’s Oscars ceremony was a mostly dull affair but the night’s most entertaining moment came courtesy of Daniel Kaluuya, who became the first person in Academy Award history to thank their parents for having sex during their acceptance speech.

Kaluuya won for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah and at the end of his speech, he expressed his gratitude for being alive, which then led him to thank his mom and dad for getting it on.

“We got to celebrate life, man,” Kaluuya said. “We’re breathing, we’re walking, it’s incredible. It’s incredible. My mom. My dad. It’s amazing. They had sex. I’m here.”

It was a hilarious moment that was made even better by the fact that Kaluuya’s mom Damalie’s reaction to the unusual shoutout was captured on camera, showing her in complete disbelief that her sex life being discussed in front of millions of viewers.

After the show, Kaluuya was obviously asked by reporters about his choice to thank his parents for procreating, and while he initially seemed to have some regret for oversharing, he ultimately said he didn’t regret what he said.

“I’m gonna avoid my phone for a bit; I think my mom’s not gonna be very happy,” he said. “Nah, but she’s gonna be cool. She’s got a sense of humor. We give it to each other. So it’s cool.”

And while some may criticize Kaluuya for his comments, I personally hope that he starts a new tradition of people thanking their parents for having sex. For far too long, people have been mortified at even thinking about their parents engaging in intercourse but that type of thinking feels so puritanical and archaic.

After all, it’s like Kaluuya said, without sex, life wouldn’t even be possible. So next time you are on the phone with your mom or dad, maybe try letting them know how grateful you are that they chose to have sex and, as a result, made you. It might be a little awkward at first but before long, you’ll both probably be laughing about the whole thing.