This guy literally recreated the OG Star Wars ride for his daughter's birthday.


Dad Recreates Star Tours Ride in Garage for Daughter's Birthday

by Blake Harper

Typically, letting your kid ride Star Tours, the popular Star Wars ride at Disneyland and Disney World, means spending a nice chunk of change, heading to Orlando or Anaheim, and waiting in an hour-long line before finally getting to enjoy the ride. But one dad managed to remove all of those pesky obstacles by bringing Star Tours right to his house for his daughter Indy’s birthday.

“Back in the fall of 2019, my daughter Indy requested a Disneyland-themed party at our house for her birthday in April,” he wrote. “We built a couple of attractions for it but due to Covid when her birthday came around we had to shelve everything and postpone the party until 2021.”

While he was not able to give his daughter her dream party last year due to the pandemic, this awesome dad more than made up for it by literally reconstructing the original 1987 Star Tours ride in their garage. And lucky for all of us, it was all caught on film and the video ended up getting shared by Digg.

The video starts with Indy and a few of her friends being led into the garage where “Han Solo” (bonus points to Indy’s dad for nailing the costume and delivering a few classic Han quotes) shows them the vehicle they will be riding in. The ship looks like it would fit in perfectly it was flying around in a galaxy far, far away and it’s even got a little R2D2 on top.

But the real fun begins once Indy and one of her friends head inside to take the tour with Captain Rex. The ship is perfectly in sync with the original Star Tours, as it rocks back and forth as Rex clumsily navigates through an asteroid field or makes a jump to lightspeed. And once the ride was over, Darth Vader even made an unexpected appearance, with Indy and her friend escaping out the garage while Han tried to hold him off.

The level of commitment by this guy is unbelievable and he definitely succeeded in giving his daughter the best birthday ever.